Quality management System

Our customer-oriented policy

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System is the most reliable international standard for quality assurance and overall process and product improvement.

The standard is designed to manage business policies, processes, and procedures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization - as well as customer satisfaction.

Dakota Group implements the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and a Safety System according to UNI INAIL guidelines.


Customer Satisfaction



Your expectations and needs are at the center of our activity. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Objective focused


We pursue our objectives while helping you with yours.


Process efficiency


Our decisions are driven by analysis, facts, and overarching strategies.




We strive to offer better quality products and services than our competition. 


Research & Development


R&D to increase product quality and honoring our commitment for a greener, brighter future.


Health & Safety


Dakota Group's management rigorously maintains a Health & Safety Management System throughout all of its production lines, warehousing facilities, and other workplaces. The respect of these principles ensure safety for all, while also improving the performance and reliability of our core processes.

All Dakota Group workers are trained to follow established health and safety protocols.



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Delivering high quality products is our priority. This philosophy, along with our pursuit for sustainable building practices and our environmental policy, has been a key ingredient to our success.

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Design, development, and production of plastic components for construction. Marketing of building accessories and components under its own brand



Dakota Group is a part of "A Sustainable World" since 2022, the main organization representing sustainable manufacturing and service companies in Italy.

It welcomes small, medium, and large companies that share the idea of sustainable development as "development which allows the present generation to satisfy their needs without compromising the possibility of future generations to satisfy theirs".

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"A Sustainable World" is an Italian non-profit organization that represents sustainable companies, supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The organization brings together companies of all sizes that share the common goal of sustainable development.

The vision of "A Sustainable World" is to have a sustainable world for us and for others. Its mission is to help drive sustainable business as an engine of economic, social, and civil growth for a more eco-sustainable world.

The association promotes the green economy as a fundamental pillar of the transition to an economic model based on sustainability. It stimulates and helps the transformation of companies and public institutions towards sustainable development, promoting scientific research, innovation, and the development of effective management practices and procedures on a national scale.

"A Sustainable World" promotes the Italian climate agenda, supports and encourages our country in the development of the circular economy and organizes the States General of Sustainability. Furthermore, it awards a prize to companies that have distinguished themselves in the use of innovative activities and processes as well as in relevant national and international sustainability paths.

The added value of "A Sustainable World" is the network of sustainable companies that operates in Italy and abroad. The association strategically helps companies in their transition towards sustainability, through projects that help meet the requirements of the SDGs.



Contact us for a consulation with one of our specialists or request information about our products and services.

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