Dakota Outdoor Spaces Design

We provide a range of products and solutions for the creation and maintenance of pleasant gardens and outdoor spaces.

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Dakota Group provides solutions for the functional planning in the creation of outdoor spaces - an array of products that integrate into a complete outdoor system.

We produce innovative solutions for the management of stabilized gravel. In fact, with our DAK-ROCK and DAK-ROCK HEAVY gravel stabilizer grids, it is possible to swiftly carry out practical and functional driveway projects. These stabilizers are solid and resistant, while requiring minimum installation times.

In our plastic garden tiles system, the limits are only your imagination. They can also be used in indoor environments such as garages, laundries, and workplaces.

You can also find systems for the creation and safeguarding of your lawn. For example, our Green Plus lift grid that makes grassy surfaces suitable for the creation of a pleasant parking or driveway avenue.

With our GEOREEF it is possible to create borders for flower beds of all kinds. A practical and fast system that gives style and unique design to any outdoor space that is highly appreciated by gardeners for the design of external spaces by enabling the creation of surfaces divided by different materials.

We also provide products for the care and realization of outdoor lawns, for this reason we offer highly resistant solutions of high quality synthetic grass. With our PIPE CUBE, an irrigation system for a functional and practical lawn that always keeps the garden in order and makes it easily maintainable.

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We also offer systems dedicated to water drainage, composed of drips for balconies and terraces of various kinds and materials, as well as drainage systems, channels, and plastic wells ideated for outdoor spaces.

Finally, we also provide a range of gas, water, and light meters containers - made both in stainless and galvanized steel.

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