Dakota Roof Systems & Components

A durable and efficient roof guarantees a long-term preservation of masonry, offering protection against rain and wind. The roof must also be waterproof and provide adequate thermal insulation. We offer products and solutions for a high quality roof.

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The roof of a building requires numerous elements for a good build, and must guarantee maximum structural safety and thermal and acoustic insulation.

There are many components that make up a roof - and each one has its own specific characteristics and functions, all of these being integrated into a system of its own.

Essential elements are, for example, breathable membranes and protective screens such as vapor barriers and retarders. For these functions, we offer our REWASI waterproof breathable roof membranes from our catalog, consisting of a range of 4 different models with UV protection.

There are also 6 different models of vapor stopping protective screens. These are used to reduce the passage of steam while still ensuring a correct migration, eliminating the risk of condensation, and ensuring the effectiveness of the insulation. They also protect against any infiltration of water, air, and wind.

In combination with the membranes, we also carry different types of tapes that are necessary to cover and protect the overlaps of the membranes and the rubber roof vent and flares.

To protect the structure, ensure the necessary ventilation, and protect the most delicate and strategic point of the roof from bad weather, our line of ridge ribbons (made up of 6 models with different features and characteristics) will accomodate all requirements.

We also offer a complete range of various types of fixing systems, such as ridge hooks, tile retainers, collars to fix downspouts, and the parabola holder rod.

To complete this range dedicated to roof protection, we also provide a series of roof bollards, useful for protecting the structure from birds.

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Skylights, roof windows, and glass tiles are essential to illuminate attic spaces. We have curated various products with the best features and quality, each covering different needs in terms of functionality and size.

Dakota is also a market leader in its PVC gutter system, an innovative solution for the disposal of rainwater.

PVC, being resistant to environmental changes, allows rainwater to be easily disposed of while keeping the entire structure of the gutter unaltered.

This material can be transported and installed very easily due to its remarkable lightness.

The system, which is non-toxic and fireproof, is able to offer excellent thermal resistance - considerably better than all other materials traditionally used for rainwater drainage.

In addition, it is capable of resisting shock and corrosion from chemicals such as acids and alkalis.

PVC gutters have excellent characteristics for their use, which explains the increase in market demand it has witnessed in the past years.

Among the main advantages, it is necessary to note the possibility of making them in any color, also imitating the various types of metal and thus making it a very pleasant solution from an aesthetic perspective.

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