Parking & Driveway Drainage Systems

We offer a range of specialized products for creating state-of-the-art drainage for driveways through our dedication to researching and developing rainwater drainage products over the past 40 years.

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Parking & Driveway Drainage Systems

Parking & Driveway Drainage Systems


Rainwater drainage is one of the most critical aspects to consider in the design and construction of a road, driveway, or car park.

Incorrect calculations, under-dimensioned systems, or systems that do not allow adequate flow will often cause flooding or stagnation.

It is necessary to know how much water flows through a channel in a given period to appropriately choose a water drainage channel, while also calculating the slope of the ground and of the channel itself. With this knowledge, we are able to select the most suitable drainage channel size, matching it to the grid exhaust system that best suits the specific circumstances. The grid cover and its characteristics must also be taken into account.

The channel grating must withstand the stresses caused by vehicles, their frequency of passage and their weight (according to standard UNI-EN 1433 which establishes specific capacity classes depending on the intended use and the resistances of the covers).

Another significant aspect is the resistance to seasonal temperature changes, which can vary according to the region and, if not considered, may degrade the entire drainage system over time.

A well-designed driveway area considers all these aspects, while guaranteeing efficiency and lifespan for the entire system.

To understand which is the most suitable size of the drainage channel and combining it with the correct grate, please follow the technical data sheets of each article in our catalog.

Here at Dakota, we have extensive experience in this domain, having been producing driveway drainage systems for over forty years ... You can rely on us and our products for your project!

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We have created innovative systems to help you obtain functional and pleasant driveways, squares, or parking lots in the least amount of time possible.


Stabilized gravel is often used for the creation of pleasant driveways, squares, and parking lots.

In addition to guaranteeing a near-perfect draining mantle over the entire surface, gravel is often considered appreciated for its aesthetic impact.

There are several ways to stabilize gravel. Here at Dakota, we have designed innovative systems which allow for fast laying, efficient drainage, resistance to bad weather and frost, and protection of the subsoil thanks to a dry installation method - without the need for chemicals.

We have our DAK-ROCK stabilizing grating for gravel and the DAK-ROCK HEAVY gravel stabilizer suitable for the passage of heavy vehicles.

Another way to create driveways or parking lots is the use of lawn protection grids such as our GREEN PLUS.

A practical and economical system that keeps the lawn compact and thick even in case of the passing or parking of cars and motorcycles, preventing the formation of unevenness on sloping terrains.

The system promotes drainage and the exchange of nutrients for the benefit of rapid and solid rooting. It does not transmit heat, allowing a natural development of the turf.

It is easy to install, maintenance-free, eco-friendly, and recyclable.

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