Structural Reinforcement by Dakota

The application of specialized systems and products is required when strengthening the structure of buildings and in the general field of construction. Some of these highly performant specialized systems are made of fiber reinforced polymers (FRP), designed specifically to guarantee the structural integrity of the building. These materials extend the life cycle of a building while ensuring higher safety standards.

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Structural Consolidation

Structural Consolidation


In recent decades, the issue of structural safety in buildings has been under increasing scrutiny as buildings age and technologies evolve to provide better and safer structures.

Older buildings, built with different or non-existent anti-seismic regulations, must be reinforced. There are also many other factors that lead to structural deterioration, such as the degradation of materials used in construction, land subsidence, or other unpredictable natural events.

It is for this reason that in recent years a series of incentives have emerged globally, aiming principally for structural restoration through construction interventions.

To meet these needs, we have built a team of experts who are dedicated to the research and development of innovative solutions, which comply fully with the latest regulations dedicated to anti-seismic construction.

We have therefore developed two new systems dedicated to structural reinforcement: PROMETHEUS HT and PROMETHEUS TT.

For both it is a set of products, such as BIO FORCE ONE structural mortar, HELIKON helical bars, GFRP ELLEKON glass fiber connectors and 2 HERCUNET structural meshes (made of GFRP - Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer - alkali resistant ) and TITANET 500 in AR glass fiber (Alkali resistant), which combined together and according to the type of need, are effectively used in renovations targeting structural reinforcement.

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In the need for structural interventions of different types, we also offer an Adfors Saint-Gobain type E glass fiber mesh for the consolidation of load-bearing walls and thick plasters in addition to the two meshes above.

We also offer two solutions of fiberglass meshes that fulfill the needs of reinforcing floors and screeds as an alternative to the classic metal mesh (wire rod), allowing for a more faster and more practical installation.

For the reinforcement of the baseboards of ETICS external insulation systems or where a reinforcement with particular mechanical resistance is required to act as reinforcement of the smoothing layer, we offer our PANZER fiberglass mesh.

If there is a need for a safety intervention for flooring, we also offer an anti-shatter Dowel Kit in our catalog. This system guarantees the ceiling fixing of the glass fiber reinforced nets (Hercunet or Tritonet or Titanet) and the closing cap of the fixing disc completes and insulates all while avoiding thermal bridges.

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