Bathroom systems by Dakota

The plumbing system of the contemporary bathroom requires increasingly effective and efficient wastewater disposal systems. Discover the Dakota products and solutions for functional foul water disposal.

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Bathroom solutions

Bathroom solutions


Efficient water drainage is a bathroom priority. We have hence designed and cataloged a series of shower and water drainage channels that can be integrated into a functional, safe, and modern bathroom system.

The DAKUA+ floor shower channels are characterized by their modern shape and high quality materials. The same philosophy is also used for our line of floor shower covers.

The DAKUA+ shower channel system is configurable with 3 different designs of stainless steel grids, supplied with a special key that facilitates removal for inspection and maintenance.

Each DAKUA+ shower channel fits perfectly with its flooring, enhancing the aesthetics of the surface and ensuring high drainage rates.

The innovative DAKUA+ floor shower drain system is structured in such a way as to allow the water to drain from the plate sideways through one or more slits, thus reducing the visual impact of the channel and giving uniformity to the entire shower surface. This product does not include any grooves, welds or screws, which ensures easy cleaning for hygiene maintenance.

In regards to the quality of our DAKUA + channel system, we guarantee the drain and the siphon for 25 years, 10 years for the stainless steel and plastic parts, and 3 years for the rubber elements.

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Our bathroom system is also composed of high-flow water drainage channels, such as the Pegasus Plus One S which, combined with the siphoned manhole covers, made of polypropylene, make up the best water drainage system to create an efficient and safe bathroom!

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