Dakota Flooring System

There are many types of flooring, each requiring its own system and different selection of materials. Discover our products and solutions for the installation of flooring that suits your project best.

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Dakota offers both practical and multipurpose innovative raised or floating floor installation systems for outdoor spaces, meeting all types of construction needs.

We offer solutions both for laying outdoor tiles, slabs, or tiles, as well as for laying decking with wooden strips or WPC composite material. All of our systems allow you to raise the walkable surface, creating an underlying cavity.

Our LEVEL UP system which, thanks to a grid supported by adjustable and modular feet, allows you to create an extremely safe and linear raised floor in a matter of minutes.

We also have the ARKIMEDE system of feet for floating floors, composed of various components and accessories that adapt to its environment and to the characteristics of the underlying soil.

HERCULES, on the other hand, is our latest innovation introduced alongside the ARKIMEDE line of supports for raised floors. It has been designed to support heavy loads and facilitate leveling of the flooring even after its installation, thanks to a dedicated key that allows users to adjust it from above.

In combination with the ARKIMEDE and HERCULES feet, we have also designed the KERADECK® aluminum joist system. This solution allows you to create a load-bearing substructure to be fixed to the feet and, with a single type of joist, it becomes possible to lay both the slabs or tiles for outdoor use and the wooden strips for decking.

Finally, we offer a line of other products that solve various types of external floor laying problems, such as spacers, which allow the laying of tiles and tiles, and noise-reducing rubber levelers, which reduce footfall noise.

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For a perfect installation of floor and wall tiles, some accessories are advised to ensure a perfect result.

These accessories are dubbed PENTA, the wheel spacers which, with a single unit, allow the production of 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mm leaks.

For a solution that speeds up your installation time and guarantees maximum precision and quality of work, we offer our TWO LEVEL wedge levelers or Quick Level and Simply Level cylinder levelers, all with their own practical and innovative self-leveling systems.

For more "classic" tile laying we have our tile tile spacers or tile crosses made available in various sizes.

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