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Efficient ventilation systems are essential to any building project and contribute to day-to-day comfort. A well-thought system renews air, removes humidity, reduces indoor air pollution, but also combats excessively dry air. We provide products for the creation of great ventilation systems.

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Creating an effective ventilation system between the interiors and exteriors of a building is essential to limit condensation and mold formation, and to guarantee personal safety in unexpected events that impact air quality.

For example, kitchens or boiler rooms gases consume considerable amounts of oxygen, which must be constantly compensated for to ensure proper oxygenation in the room.

To keep oxygen levels constant and in accordance with the law, the presence of ventilation fixtures is not always enough. Hence, obtaining an efficient exchange of air inside the rooms of a building is required during construction or renovation. This is done by creating permanent passages or holes between the walls, which must then be covered and protected with special ventilation grids.

Various types of ventilation grids are available on the market, each made to adapt to the different shapes and sizes of wall air intakes. Air intakes can also are be made on doors or windows. The most common form factors are:

- round ventilation grid
- square ventilation grid
- rectangular ventilation grid

To meet different needs, Dakota produces and markets a very wide range of ventilation grids. Discover all the models, shapes, and sizes available.

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Some ventilation grids models are designed with the integration of anti insect nets. Some models have adjustable ventilation grids or are equipped with a tilting system to allow you to adjust the air flow according to your air recirculation needs.

The materials with which they are made can also differ: for aesthetic reasons but also to adapt to diverse environment (characteristics of resistance in regards to temperature changes, bad weather, and environmental effects). We offer plastic ventilation grids, ventilation grids in ABS, aluminum ventilation grids, and copper ventilation grids.

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