Dakota External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS)

Our range for the ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) insulation system is made up of several products, each of them having a crucial role to play in the effectiveness of the overall system. Our high quality products guarantee high energy efficiency.

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Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation


Through our specialized production of components and our exclusive distribution rights, our catalog selection is best in class when it comes to accessories for ETICS thermal insulation systems.

This is reinforced by our EPD-certified and CE-marked insulation dowel systems, which play a major role in the creation of a complete ETA-certified system. They are all 8mm impact insulation plugs (polyamide or steel) or screwable, with nail / screw already pre-assembled in the plug shaft.

Our range of cladding plugs also includes SGR-UNI, an innovative helical-shaped plug, which allows, with a single measure, to fix insulators with thicknesses ranging from 100mm to 400mm.

We also offer a wide range of fiberglass meshes for external insulation. Made available are numerous characteristics, sizes, and weights, which will adapt to every possible type of need in terms of thermal coating.

Some of these accessories are not packaged within a "classic" cardboard tube, an innovative feature that adds a series of advantages to the entire distribution and user chain.

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In combination with fiberglass nets, we also offer a vast array of corners for thermal insulation and their protectors, made of both PVC and aluminum.

We have drip traps made of PVC with heat-sealed glass fiber mesh, additionally to a range of external insulation profiles for windows - all with their own unique characteristics, making them suitable for various uses.

We also offer expansion joints made of PVC with heat-sealed fiberglass mesh, profiles for grooves, and starting cladding bases where some models are also equipped with a drip tray and are made of PVC or aluminum.

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