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Innovative building solutions

Production and distribution of construction products

Arkimede Line

Raised floor supports that adapt to your specific needs. A versatile and modular system designed to accommodate the specifications of every project.

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Securock® External Plasterboard

Looking for plasterboard slabs with high moisture resistance? Securock® is ideal for external use and in humid environments.

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Hercules Raised Floor Supports

Remove all limits for your raised floor projects with Hercules supports: high load capability, versatility, easy application and adjustability with sound insulation.

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Join us for the ultimate experience in ceramic and natural stone innovation!

Coverings®️, the largest North American event dedicated to ceramics and natural stone, is proud to host over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 different countries.

Dakota Group will be unveiling the most recent innovations from its Indoor and Outdoor ranges. Seize the opportunity to explore cutting-edge products that will set new standards in the market.

Register now by clicking the banner below and secure your complimentary admission... We look forward to seeing you there!


We support leaders and pioneers from the industry.

Six divisions, each with its own comprehensive catalogue filled with innovative solutions and products, with an efficient delivery network and over 40 years of experience: here is how the Dakota Group supports the activities of the leaders and pioneers of construction.

Technical Documentation Dakota

Dakota Technical Documentation Repository

Already familiar with Dakota products and want to consult or download technical documentation?

Discover our dedicated section.

Technical Documentation

Dakota 2022 Catalogs: Download Center

We have been developing and producing innovative products and systems for construction for over forty years. Download our catalogs to discover them all.


A video library that shows you how to apply Dakota products and how they can help solve your building challenges.

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Dakota Living beautiful house and decking

Dakota Living
Completed projects

Decking that enhances outdoor environments while making them unique.

Dakota Living is a Dakota Group division created to provide sophisticated outdoor flooring solutions and accessories to professionals, retailers, and contractors.

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Innovation is evolution

It was only in 1980 when the first plastic presses were put into operation for the molding of construction products. Today, over forty years later, the Dakota Group remains committed to innovating within the construction industry. We consistently expand our product range and innovate on our production technologies - making our products increasingly advanced, performant, and occasionally unique.

Innovate to evolve. The only way forward.

Discover the world of Dakota

40 years of history

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Green Future

We invest for a better future by committing ourselves to sustainable building practices. Discover our processes for a greener future.

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Values ​​& Ethics

We have been recognized as an excellent partner in the construction industry through our relentless commitment to our values and ethics.

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Quality Management

We have an advanced quality management system to guarantee high performance for all our products and to comply with European quality standards.

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Contact us for a consulation with one of our specialists or request information about our products and services.

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