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How to use Dakota SGR-UNI universal insulation plugs

Dakota SGR-UNI is an anchor for ETICS thermal insulation systems, with a 67mm helical body in PA (polyamide), an integrated expansion barrel in PP (polypropylene) ∅ 8 mm and a steel fixing screw (torx 30).
You can use a single plug for all insulating panels with thickness from 100 mm up to 400 mm with SGR-UNI,

it is applicable on various types of materials, such as:
PUR | Mineral wools | EPS | Phenolic resin
and can be used both on new buildings and for renovations projects.

SGR-UNI guarantees:

• Reduction of stock in the warehouse
• Use on all supports of category A, B, C, D, E
• ETAG014 compliance
• Absence of thermal bridge (Value 0.000W / K)

The only thermal insulation anchor you'll ever need!

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Universal Drywall Spiral Anchor

Universal Drywall Spiral Anchor "SGR-UNI"

Anchor with 67 mm helical body with integrated expansion body ∅ 8 mm and fixing screw (torx 30).
A single size for panels from 100mm up to 400mm thickness, applicable on ...

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Da 100 a 400 mm




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