Garden & Landscaping Products

In order to easily achieve tidy and pleasant outdoor spaces, Dakota Group has created practical and functional solutions for the Outdoor Living System.

The articles belonging to this line, available in various sizes, models, and materials, are indispensable for achieving an exclusive design and an optimal finish of outdoor areas.

Each product is designed with targeted measures for water drainage and soil aeration, so as to safeguard the life cycle of the subsoil.

- Dak-Rock stabilising gravel grating: designed to stabilise gravel and pebbles in large areas or driveways

- Gravel stabilising grating Dak-Rock Heavy: designed to stabilise gravel and pebbles in large areas or driveways, bearing the weight of heavy vehicles

- Gravel stabilising grating Green Plus: grating designed for reinforcing and consolidating grassy surfaces

- TNT non-woven fabric: designed for many situations in civil engineering, construction and gardening

- Georeef flower bed edging: edging indispensable for delimiting different materials when creating paving and flower beds

- Garden tile: designed for alternative uses of grass surfaces, ensuring water drainage.


Contact us for a consulation with one of our specialists or request information about our products and services.

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