Dakota Product Catalogues

All Dakota products divided in specialized catalogues. Six divisions, more than four thousand innovative products dedicated to construction, fast deliveries, and over forty years of experience: this is how we cater to your needs.


The Dakota Construction Catalogue for our Drain section contains a wide range of high quality products that are crucial  for the  removal, collection, drainage, conveyance and process of used water both for domestic and the industrial environments. We offer a comprehensive range of channel drains that are combinable with a variety of grates and cover, as well as catch basins (with covers and frames) and shower drains, like our Made in Italy Dakua+ linear shower drains. 


The Dakota Construction Catalogue for our Roof section contains all the components for high quality roofing. It contains a large selection of products  conceived  to answer all types of needs in regards to the isolation, protection, and flow of rainwater from the roof. A popular product for this division is our Dakota DakoPan metal roof panel, which comes with a 20 year guarantee.


The Dakota Construction Catalogue for our Outdoor division contains our selection of products for outdoor spaces. It contains products for outdoor flooring, including our acclaimed Arkimede pedestal system for decks and raised flooring (decking risers and paving pedestals), as well as ventilation grilles, roof draining outlets, and landscaping products. We also offer an extensive selection of water/gas/electric meter boxes, as well as our patented Level Up Floating Floor System.


The Dakota Construction Catalogue for our Indoor section contains products designed for interior construction needs. We provide high quality door frames, tile levelers and spacers, as well as a robust range of glass blocks and their relavant frames. We also provide an extensive range of floor trims, drip edge profiles, wooden shelving units, and folding stairs for attics or lofts. This catalogue was conceived with every interior construction need in mind.


The Dakota Construction Catalogue for our Building section contains a range of products designed for the core of construction projects and buildings. We offer a complete selection of insulation and plasterboard products such as fiberglass meshes, inspection hatches, fixing systems, profiles, anchors. We also offer our Prometheus system for building lifecycle extension and structural reinforcement. 


The Dakota Construction Catalogue for our Equipment section provides all sorts of safety and signage needs on construction sites, as well as other visual aids for the prevention from accidents actions that are mandatory in most worksites. We also offer construction equipment, like buckets, safety helmets, and gloves. Additionally, we offer high quality safety, scaffold, and debris nettings, and our Eco Cube for concrete testing. 


Contact us for a consulation with one of our specialists or request information about our products and services.

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