Self-Extinguishing ETICS System Cladding Accessories

Recent developments in construction strategies and safety regulations are aiming to increasingly reduce the risk of fire and limit its spread in all public and private buildings.

This means that the use of materials, products, or accessories that have demonstrated their reaction to fire through standardized tests are becoming more common.

Some high-performance plastic materials can be considered "self-extinguishing" or "flame-retardant," making them suitable for preventing the risk of fires. Generally, these materials are not truly "fireproof" as if exposed to direct flame, they tend to burn, but while many plastics continue to burn after the flame is removed, plastics with self-extinguishing properties will extinguish on their own within a specific time frame.

Materials are classified according to the UL94 standard, one of the most widely used internationally. The UL94-V0 self-extinguishing class requires that the material sample be hung vertically and positioned multiple times above an open flame so that the material catches fire. The flame must extinguish within seconds of removing the burner and not release ignited droplets that can spread free flames.

Dakota Group, always sensitive to the issue of safety, has decided to develop and introduce a range of products made with raw materials and materials that guarantee self-extinguishing characteristics.

Thus, the new ZEROFIRE line was developed to guarantee passive fire protection and meet the growing market demands for safeguarding people and buildings.

The ZEROFIRE line uses materials that comply with the UL94V0 standard to prevent the spread of flames on building facades and guarantee passive fire protection.

The product range includes:

  • Self-extinguishing fiberglass mesh

  • Self-extinguishing SGR cladding anchors

  • Self-extinguishing angle

  • Self-extinguishing drip edge


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