About Dakota

Our growth and development path

Dakota was founded in the 1980s and came to life as a molding company for plastic construction products in Italy. We created our Italian direct sales network In the early 1990s and we have expanded our international network and industrial capabilities continuously since 1999.

Innovation led by passion and curiosity

For over forty years, the Dakota Group has been developing, manufacturing, and producing industry-leading solutions for the building sector.

The Dakota Group is committed to delivering products of the highest quality standards made accessible through fair costs, swift delivery times, and a world-class after-sales service in a network trusted by over ten thousand resellers in Europe. Our growing catalog currently provides a complete range of products that satisfy most building needs, with the majority of them made in Italy.

We are today recognized and trusted as a supplier of exceptional building materials and a key partner for over five thousand customers.


A culture of advancement

Through continuous research and decades of expertise, we create and innovate to use fewer resources than we did only a few years ago - all while manufacturing higher quality products.

The Dakota production lines operate with the principles of a restorative and regenerative circular economy. Manufacturing plastic products efficiently, through multiple recycling phases, helps us create products that maximize value while helping protect our natural environments. There is no compromise on quality using these processes.

We work to manufacture innovative products that evolve to meet the needs of our customers, because for Dakota, #innovationisevolution.

Dakota, in numbers

Our evolution can also be told numbers.


Corporate establishments


Territories served

more than 3000

articles in our catalog

more than 5000

satisfied customers


Dakota Living
Completed projects

Decking that enhances outdoor environments while making them unique.

Dakota Living is a Dakota Group division created to provide sophisticated outdoor flooring solutions and accessories to professionals, retailers, and contractors.

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