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Deck Laying with Dakota Quix System

What's the fastest way to lay a deck? Dakota's QUIX SYSTEM helps you create beautiful and precise decks in record time.

Quix System was designed to allow for the replacement of individual strips without having to dismantle large parts of the structure. With Quix System, you are also able to recover parts of the fastening elements.

Laying beautiful decking has never been easier.

Products in this video

Quix System - Hidden Deck Fasteners

Quix System - Hidden Deck Fasteners

Kit consisting of 64 bars, 10 studs, 2 pcs. spacers in 5 mm and 2 sets of steel self-tapping screws (200 pcs. 6 x 25 mm and 20 pcs. 4 x 25 mm), for easy and invisible ...

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