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Dakota was founded for the great challenges: we believe that the constant search for new solutions and the progress in new productive technologies are the key elements to face them.
The commercial success and the increase of volumes of sales are the best witnesses of our commitment.
After the statement as a leader in the production and marketing of building products in the domestic market, Dakota has decided to open their borders to an international dimension, thanks to the new offices in Spain, Portugal and Romania.
Dakota strongly believes that the only way to increase its expansion is to built an unique and even more strong structure, with the constant investment both in new technologies and talented human resources.
Innovation, strategy, research and development are our values and the keys that will ensure us the best results in the industry, providing the best opportunities and solutions for the building world.




ORGANIZED: We believe in the importance of being able to meet both needs of our customers and the changes of the market, with an articulated corporate structure, focused to different business areas.

CONSISTENCY: We do what we say even when it involves take risks or be unpopular. Our choices are aimed to the growth and to a continuous improvement.

SENSITIVE: We are aware that the market and the customers must always be heard. This is why every day more than 100 of our partners are on filed to collect information about all the needs and changes.

RELIABLE: We want to deserve the place we gained to our customers and, to do that, we have to be something and someone on whom you can rely. Always.

INNOVATIVE: We study new solutions, new improvements and new strategies to propose and to amaze our customers. We know this the one and only way to not be considered like any other else.

COMPETENT: We improve continually thanks to everyday's practice and experience and thanks to our more than 4,000 customers in Italy and in the foreign markets. Why? Because you have to know what do you speak about.

Global diffusion

Dakota is a Company aware of the importance of having an important international dimension.
Our strong presence in some European countries (the Iberian Peninsula, eastern europe), gives us the chance to learn, every day, the importance to built a strong structure, to grow and become a global company.

Dakota's World

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dakota green

"I have to leave a note to my grandson: the request for forgiveness for not having left him a better world than what it is."
Andrea Zanotto, poet

Dakota Group is in the nature of Val d'Adige and it continues to grow with a strong focus on the respect for nature and fot the territory: pure "green thinking style". Dakota uses recyclable materials and develops highly sustainable projects, in order to give its contribution for better planet.


Certificazione ISO-9001

Dakota Group has always focused his attention on quality, promoting the sustainable development of its activities and pursuing a stong environmental policy. A philosophy that has led to the achievement of important goals.



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