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Certified plastic anchor ø 8


Hammering anchor hole 8 mm, with head from 60 mm with improved adherence and black nylon expansion nail.It complies to ETAG014 and it complies also with the certificate ETA06-0242 and subsequent extension. Also available in blister (see Measurements).


Utilized for the mechanical anchoring of the insulating panels almost all types of masonry, supporting the load and the tensile stress " tear off ".


Made of PP (polypropylene), fiberglass/nylon nails.


Code Product Dimensions Pkg/Pallet UMV MyPallet
TER11-2214N Maximum anchoring 20 70 mm 500/20000 PZ
TER11-2216N Maximum anchoring 40 90 mm 400/16000 PZ
TER11-2218N Maximum anchoring 60 110 mm 350/14000 PZ


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