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Trilite - Windows Security System


Implemented system for secure attachment of the windows shutter in the realization of the ETICS system. Consisting of: n. 2 - Milled pillar length 1600 mm (right and left). n. 1 - Milled plank length 1200 mm. n. 9 - Threaded Rods ø 10 x (l + 70) mm. n. 9 - Nuts ø 10 x 8 mm. n. 9 - Washers ø 10 x 30 mm. n. 1 - Wrench Key Tubular Pipe 17 x 17 mm. n. 1 - Fastenier phial 400 ml (resin). n. 9 - Cases for chemical fastener ø 10 x 80 mm. n. 1 - Chemical mixer. n. 3 - PVC angle with fiberglass mesh (ZIN33-1666P). n. 9 - Cover nut caps. n. 2 - Angles for intrados soffits (made of fiberglass mesh) for Corners (ZIN33-1633). n. 2 - Arrow Net made of fiberglass for frame structure (ZIN33-1634). Packed in carton.


Used for a safe anchorage of hinges and shutters in any position on the window. With this system you get a higher resistance for the insulation system and to the burglary too. QUICK Fast and simple it does not require specialized labor. It can be placed even after the implementation of the insulation system. INTEGRATED Compared to the traditional system allows the integrated fastening to the support, avoiding difficulties in the anchoring between the fastening elements. SAFE It prevents burglary attempts, that could however be possible using the traditional system, as the EPS parapet intermediate points could be removed from outside. RESISTANT It combines toughness and strength in addition to the stability and non-deformability, not collapsing in the presence of high temperature (fire).


Made of various materials, pillar and plank made of fir wood, rods, nuts, washers and wrench key for tubular pipe made of steel, cases and chemical mixing made of plastic,phial made of epoxy resin-vinilestrere styrene, angle made of PVC and fiberglass mesh, cover nuts made of wood, angles and arrow net made of fiberglass mesh.


Code Product Dimensions Pkg/Pallet UMV MyPallet
ZIN36-1766 Trilite - windows security system 60X100 - 1600X1200 0/1 PZ
ZIN36-1767 Trilite - windows security system 80X100 - 1600X1200 0/1 PZ
ZIN36-1768 Trilite - windows security system 100X100 - 1600X1200 0/1 PZ
ZIN36-1769 Trilite - windows security system 120X120 - 1600X1200 0/1 PZ



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