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Washer made of EPS (D-CAP) diameter 70 mm, and EPS, graphite composed and EPS. Profiled on request. Washer in mineral Wool (L-CAP) diameter 70 mm. Packed in cellophane bags.


Utilized to cover the head of the anchor to ensure a good insulation and for levelling the surface of the insulation board.


Polystyrene (D-CAP) and Graphite composed polystyrene or Mineral Wool (L-CAP).


Code Product Dimensions Pkg/Pallet UMV MyPallet
TER11-2311 Eps cap ø 70 x 20 mm 1/50 CF
TER11-2311N Eps cap 0/0
TER11-2311X Cap composed of graphite ø 70 x 20 mm 1/50 CF
TER11-2312 Rock wool cap ø 70 x 20 mm 1/30 CF


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