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Accessories - Pegasus Plus NEW


End caps, block system (anchor bracket) and gasket for channel.


The end caps and the bulkheads are used as terminals for the channel, the block system is used to block the grating inside the channel (following European Regulation EN 1433). Junction ø 110, together with the rubber gasket, converts the lower exit from ø 100 to ø 110 mm.


PP for the end caps and pipe connection, PE-HD (high density polyethylene) for the block system and rubber gasket for the rounded connection.


Code Product Dimensions Pkg/Pallet UMV MyPallet
POZ95-1300PM Set open/closed end caps for pegasus plus - grey h. 75 mm 1/4000 CF
POZ95-1300PMB End caps set (2 pcs/pack) for pegasus plus - white 0/0
POZ95-1300PMN Set open/closed end caps for pegasus plus - black h. 75 mm 1/4000 CF
POZ95-1307B Taurus block system 130 130 mm 250/4000 PZ
POZ95-1319 Gasket for channel ø100 / ø110 mm 500/1 PZ
POZ95-1321 Pipe connection grey ø 110 ø110 mm 0/0
POZ95-1321N Pipe connection black ø 110 ø110 mm 0/0


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